Tim Bowness

Glastonbury Festival 1997

We were booked to play as part of The Halloween Society's line-up.

Unfortunately 1997 was "the year of the mud" and the stage we were booked to play on sank into the mire. We were bumped to the Wise Crone Cafe tent, and eventually managed to play for 5 minutes sometime in the small hours of the following morning (shortly after the sound man went home for the night, so we were left to engineer the gig too).

All in all, a terrible experience. We didn't record it. I can honestly say I remember nothing about how it sounded - at the time I was simply grateful to be making any sound at all.

Nevers Film Festival

The gig that started it all.

Mike and Tim travelled to Nevers, France, to provide a live soundtrack to the Roswell Alien Autopsy film. Mike played guitar and Tim sang over a backing tape prepared by Mike and Os.

The recording of this performance formed the basis for the first album, initially put out as Collective - Soundtracks and later revamped and reissued as Darkroom - Daylight.

Norwich Fringe Festival 2005

Held at the Old Bata Shoe Factory, Norwich.


Held at CB2, Cambridge.


Held at CB2, Cambridge.

The Scala

To date, the only Os/Tim duet. Held at The Scala, London.

We were providing a live soundtrack to the Roswell Alien Autopsy film - revisiting the first ever Darkroom (then Collective) appearance back in 1996.

Cambridge Darkroom Gallery

Held at the Cambridge Darkroom Gallery.

The Club Room

Held at The Queens Arms, Penton St., London N1.

From the programme:

Haunting and arresting, "Darkroom" are an improvising group (more "Starsailor" than Machine Gun) of shifting and unsettling atmospheres. The two instrumentalists construct an environment of mutating loops - while Tim Bowness (of No Man) uses his extraordinary and evocative voice to add an emotional centre to the music.

This was the infamous gig during which several things of note happened
- the promoter left before the end of the gig, apparently not in a great mood
- Mike threw his watch at Os to try to make him stop playing (we were way over time) (Os didn't notice)
- the phrase "rich hippy" was levelled at Mike, apparently because he had more than two guitar pedals.

We played two sets, and I remember it being a good gig. Sadly, it was one of the few that we didn't record.

The First International Cambridge Festival of Looping

Held at the Michaelhouse Café, Cambridge.

Official site: http://www.collective.co.uk/loopfest/archive2003.html

The Second Annual Cambridge Festival of Looping

Held at the Michaelhouse Café, Cambridge.

Official site: http://www.collective.co.uk/loopfest/archive2004.html