Burning Shed Evening One

Held at The Assembly House Restaurant Room, Theatre Street, Norwich.


Held at the Unitarian Church, Cambridge.

Organised by Adrian Newton, aka Nemeton, who went on to remix Darkroom for the DAC Mixes album.

See http://www.collective.co.uk/leaps/leapsevents2002.html#bleepfest

ACEMS - An evening of new music

Part of the LEAPS section of this concert organised by the Anglia Contemporary and Experimental Music Society, held at APU's Mumford Theatre, Cambridge.

From the programme:

Darkroom are the combined and limitlessly creative talents of keyboardist/rhythmatist Andrew 'Os' Ostler and guitarist/loopologist Mike Bearpark, who is replaced tonight by Peter Chilvers.With their "composite of pounding drum'n'bass-ish rhythms, spiralling ambient backdrops and netherworldly atmospheres", Darkroom have quickly attracted a large and dedicated following, as well as interest from independent record labels.

Official site: http://www.acems.20m.com/archive_oct17.html