The Club Room

Held at The Queens Arms, Penton St., London N1.

From the programme:

Haunting and arresting, "Darkroom" are an improvising group (more "Starsailor" than Machine Gun) of shifting and unsettling atmospheres. The two instrumentalists construct an environment of mutating loops - while Tim Bowness (of No Man) uses his extraordinary and evocative voice to add an emotional centre to the music.

This was the infamous gig during which several things of note happened
- the promoter left before the end of the gig, apparently not in a great mood
- Mike threw his watch at Os to try to make him stop playing (we were way over time) (Os didn't notice)
- the phrase "rich hippy" was levelled at Mike, apparently because he had more than two guitar pedals.

We played two sets, and I remember it being a good gig. Sadly, it was one of the few that we didn't record.