London Loopfest 2013 by Georgina Brett

Fabulous opening with the Bass-clarinet and some beautiful stereo treatment, a little “twin peaks”? lovely guitar compliment by Michael… followed by an almost tactile rhythmic section, made me think of pan sonic for a minute, the guitar part was a lovely continuum…. and the texture thickened. A more free rhythm section with guitar and back into the tactile rhythm, but this time with signal and filter sweeps and a feeling of “sea change”, the impending storm…. then a more industrial bass sets in, wonderfully enigmatic rhythmically to start with and seemingly polyrhythm to a pulsing rhythm… around 14 minutes in it’s complete mayhem… lots of colliding rhythms with the guitar holding up some fabulous textures and chordal shapes… the final section comprises a lovely section of chordal work with the bass clarinet and some complimentary high almost wind sounds in the guitar… very ethereal and beautiful… a set with a journey.. Just can’t get enough of Darkroom.

Georgina Brett

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