SOTNMS in Sound On Sound (September 2009)

Darkroom include in their numbers Andrew Ostler, the man behind the rather interesting Expert Sleepers range of plug-ins. Together with a drummer and one of those noodly I-am-not-a-rock-guitarist guitarists, he makes dreamy, minimalist electronica that could fairly be described as ‘ambient’. (At one point, it took me at least 30 seconds to realise that what I thought was an interesting textural noise was actually a colleague rustling a plastic bag.)

The pace is slow, then, but there’s plenty to admire along the way. ‘My Sunsets Are All One-Sided’ develops cleverly, gentle beginnings gradually being overcome by tides of bit-crushed percussion; ‘Chalk Is Organised Dust’ blends hypnotic acoustic phrases with free-jazz drumming and string-like electric guitar pads. There’s enough dissonance and darkness to balance out the sweetness on display, and even the longest tracks never appear directionless.

Sam Inglis

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