Fallout 4 in ARTNOIR - Musik Magazin

The fascination is there immediately when a photo of Carl Glover adorns the cover. The artist is known for his recordings of futuristic looking buildings and constructions, mostly used to accompany progressive or electronic music. In Darkroom 's «Fallout 4» , this underscores the underlying music, which moves from slow and deliberate to driving and stirring. Three long tracks, conceived and recorded by Michael Bearpark and Andrew Ostler - guitars and modular synthesizers as the fourth part of a trilogy.

The dark mood makes the music on "Fallout 4" attractive, you listen with pricked ears how patterns and beats unfold over a long period of time. At 15 minutes, "Tuesdays Ghost" is the shortest piece on the record and knows how to shine with surfaces and textures at the end. In the middle excursion «Qaanaaq (Parts 1 & 2)» there are darkroom guitars and drum sounds from the laptop, circling and spurring each other on. You are definitely ready for this, as "It's Clear From The Air" elegantly introduces all the elements at the beginning.

Sometimes you weigh yourself in relaxed security, then again the sounds of Darkroom are rousing. For almost an hour on this album you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a closed and very well thought-out world of sound that seems improvised and fixed at the same time. The pieces seem to stretch out forever without losing sight of the goal. If radioactive fallout were so enjoyable, we would only build nuclear power plants and let them disintegrate.

- ARTNOIR - Musik Magazin
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