Y2K15 Festival

We’re back from headlining the Y2K15 festival in Santa Cruz, California. Some tracks leading up to and resulting from the trip are now on Soundcloud:

Os, November 2015

Video from the London Loopfest

Our set from the London Live-looping Festival, 14th July 2013, at the Strongroom Bar, London. Very nice review of this by Georgina Brett here.

Darkroom at the London Live-looping Festival 2013 from Andrew Ostler on Vimeo.

Os, July 2013

London Live-looping Festival 2013

Darkroom will be playing at the London Live-looping Festival 2013, alongside Rick Walker, Matt Stevens, The Lucid Brain Integrative Project, Iris Garrelfs, David Cooper Orton and Georgina Brett.

Event page on Facebook is here, or for the non-Facebookers here.

Os, June 2013

Köln Loopfest - official video

This video is the 'official' video shot from the back of the room by the organisers, and the audio is simply the mix that was sent to the PA.

Darkroom at the Köln Loopfest 2011 (official video/desk audio) from Andrew Ostler on Vimeo.

Os, May 2011

Köln Loopfest - video and photos

Video shot from my camcorder, which was hanging from the ceiling, hence the slightly odd angle. Audio from my own recording, made on the laptop as we were playing.

Darkroom at the Köln Loopfest 2011 from Andrew Ostler on Vimeo.

My photos of the weekend. There are plenty more on Facebook from the various performers.

Os, April 2011

Köln rehearsal recordings online

Recordings of our rehearsals for the Köln Loopfest are now online on our SoundCloud page.

This is the last, and is pretty representative of what you might hear next Saturday:
cologne2011 rehearsal2 listen4 by darkroom

Os, March 2011

Darkroom to play 2nd International Köln Loopfest

Darkroom will be playing at the 2nd International Köln Loopfest on April 2nd 2011.

Os and Mike will be joined by Andrew Booker on electronic drums.

Os, March 2011

Video from The Antwerp Loopfest

Here's our entire set at the recent Antwerp Loopfest:

Darkroom at The Antwerp Loopfest 2009 from Andrew Ostler on Vimeo.

Watch in HD and comment on the Vimeo page.

The gig was not without its problems - e.g. our monitoring going a bit, well, broken between the sound check and the gig - but we came away happy with the result.

Os, June 2009

Darkroom to play at the Antwerp Loopfest

It's official - we're off to Antwerp this May to play at the Antwerp Loopfest. Or, to give it its full title, the EUROPEAN LIVE LOOPING FESTIVAL ‘09 ANTWERP MAY 30.

The official festival site is here.

Once more we'll be joined by drummer Andrew Booker. Apparently the whole festival is going to be recorded, so watch out for details on that sometime after May 30th, I guess.

See you there!

Os, March 2009