Improvizone returns

After an approximately 18 month hiatus, Improvizone swung back into action in March 2012. You can read about the gig here or here.

There are seven videos from this gig, the first of which is below.

Improvizone #34 part 1 from Andrew Ostler on Vimeo.

Os, August 2012

Lots of Improvizone videos

Here are the videos from four Improvizone gigs in April-June this year. These really chronicle the introduction of the modular synth into the IZ lineup, which often takes things in quite a different direction to previous gigs.

Os, November 2010

Back to CB2

This Wednesday (7th April), for the first time in over ten years, we’ll be playing at CB2, Cambridge, as part of Improvizone.

Do join us if you can.

Os, April 2010

Video from last two Improvizone gigs

The Vimeo pages are here and here. Another two outings for the Juno, now triggered from a Moog MP-201 pedal, and Mike continues to bring new pedals along, most recently an Eventide TimeFactor.

Os, April 2010

Improvizone gigs

Mike and I are playing at the three forthcoming Improvizone gigs. These are

* Wed 03 March 2010 - event
* Wed 31 March 2010 - event
* Wed 21 April 2010 - event

and all are taking place at The Plough, E17.

Watch for updates, for example details of the other musicians playing.

Os, January 2010

Video from July 1st Improvizone gig

The Vimeo page is here. Vintage synths fans might particularly enjoy the sound of my Juno 6, which made its live debut at this gig.

Os, July 2009

Video from May 20th Improvizone gig

The Vimeo page is here. Things start slowly but pick up in part 4.

Os, May 2009

Video from April 8th Improvizone gig

The Vimeo page is here. Parts 2 and 4 are especially good IMHO.

Os, April 2009

Loads of video from last gig

As threatened, I took a huge amount of video at the last Improvizone gig - in fact, I recorded the whole thing. Which made seven movies which you can see in the rather fancy widget below - or go to the actual Vimeo page where you can see them larger, leave comments etc.

Os, April 2009

Upcoming gigs March-July 2009

Mike and I will be playing as part of Improvizone semi-regularly starting this Wednesday (March 25th) until July:
* Wed 25 March 2009
* Wed 08 April 2009
* Wed 29 April 2009
* Wed 20 May 2009
* Wed 10 June 2009 (Mike only)
* Wed 01 July 2009

Os, March 2009

Video from last gig

I took a fair amount of video at the last Improvizone gig. The one you see here is the first 40 minutes or so, and the first 10 minutes of that Andy was still setting up the venue, while Mike and I essentially opened the night with a brief Darkroom set, joined by Nick on bass after a short while.

Improvizone #20 - the first 40 minutes from Andrew Ostler on Vimeo.

The remaining videos are linked from the gig page. I've ordered a larger memory stick for the camcorder, so next time there should be even more to enjoy/wade through.

Os, Feb 2009

Gig coming up in February

Os and Mike will be playing as part of Improvizone again:

Improvizone returns to The Plough in Walthamstow on Thursday 05 February 2009 for the first gig of this year. The players will be the familiar quartet of Plough regulars, namely Michael Bearpark (guitar), Os (keyboard/laptop), Nick Cottam (bass) & Andrew Booker (electronic drums).

Read more here.
Facebook event page here. event page here.

Os, Jan 2009

Podcast & Improvizone

As you may have noticed our podcast is back in action, after a longer-than-normal hiatus late last year. (Links to the podcast are in the sidebar to the left.)

There's been a lot of tie-in with the Improvizone podcast recently. The latest podcast track, the snappily named 'iz20080528_0033', is a version of a previous Improvizone download (this one) with the bass removed to make it a more ambient affair. Similarly, the previous Darkroom podcast track 'iz20080730endwashes' recently resurfaced on Improvizone, with bass and drums intact, here.

Os, Jan 2009

Improvizone at Switch - video

Os and Mike performing with Andrew Booker (drums) and Simon Laffy (bass) at the recent Improvizone gig.

Improvizone at Switch, October 7th 2008 from Andrew Ostler on Vimeo.

os, Oct 2008

Improvizone at the Woodford Festival

Darkroom will effectively be playing at the Woodford Festival on October 7th, as part of Improvizone. We'll be playing with Andrew Booker, the drummer on Some Of These Numbers Mean Something, and bassist Simon Laffy.
More info on the event page on Facebook or the Improvizone site.

os, Sept 2008

Forthcoming gigs

Some gigs to announce, all under the Improvizone banner.
  • 23rd May 2008 at The Design Museum, London. Mike can't make it sadly. Playing will be myself (Os), Andrew Booker and Steve Lawson.
  • 28th May 2008 at Ember, London. Ember, against all our expectations, has re-opened after the fire that cancelled our residency earlier this year. It'll be Mike & myself, plus Andrew Booker and Simon Laffy - a repeat of the line-up at our last Ember gig.
  • 4th June 2008 at The Plough, Walthamstow. It'll be Mike & myself, plus Andrew Booker and Nick Cottam.
See you all there, no doubt.

os, May 2008

Next Ember gig(s?) cancelled


Sadly we have to report that the forthcoming gig at Ember on January 16th has been cancelled, due to the venue being closed after a serious fire on the premises.

Stay tuned for updates - quite possibly the next couple of gigs in January and February will also be cancelled, or moved to a new venue.

os, Jan 2008