Forthcoming gigs

Some gigs to announce, all under the Improvizone banner.
  • 23rd May 2008 at The Design Museum, London. Mike can't make it sadly. Playing will be myself (Os), Andrew Booker and Steve Lawson.
  • 28th May 2008 at Ember, London. Ember, against all our expectations, has re-opened after the fire that cancelled our residency earlier this year. It'll be Mike & myself, plus Andrew Booker and Simon Laffy - a repeat of the line-up at our last Ember gig.
  • 4th June 2008 at The Plough, Walthamstow. It'll be Mike & myself, plus Andrew Booker and Nick Cottam.
See you all there, no doubt.

os, May 2008

Next Ember gig(s?) cancelled


Sadly we have to report that the forthcoming gig at Ember on January 16th has been cancelled, due to the venue being closed after a serious fire on the premises.

Stay tuned for updates - quite possibly the next couple of gigs in January and February will also be cancelled, or moved to a new venue.

os, Jan 2008