A new toy for The Darkroom

Or more properly, a new toy for The Lightroom, since apparently Mike's studio has been dubbed The Darkroom, and this beast lives in my studio.

People have said we sometimes sound like Tangerine Dream. Expect that comparison to be made more often in the near future!

Os, June 2009

Prophet '08

A new arrival in the Darkroom studio - a rather lovely Prophet '08 by Dave Smith Instruments.

Dave Smith was involved in the creation of such legends of synth history as the Prophet 5 when he was working at Sequential Circuits Inc. He now has his own company and is turning out some very nice new machines.

Expect to hear a lot of this keyboard (as well as my trusty Juno 6) on the new album.

Today's podcast episode is a track consisting entirely of Prophet '08, recorded mainly as an exercise in getting to know the new beast. Enjoy!

os, April 08