New on SoundCloud - Giving Up The Ghosts

There's plenty more to come from the Tuesdays Post sessions that have already produced The Rest Is Noise - our plan for 2016 is to make tracks available on SoundCloud as soon as they're ready, for comments and feedback, before they're collected for Bandcamp and final download release.

The first track in the next series - Giving Up The Ghosts - was originally recorded in January 2015, with Peter Chilvers (collaborator with Brian Eno, Karl Hyde and Tim Bowness) guesting on piano. Peter played bass on the first two Darkroom albums, and we're delighted to feature his distinctive piano playing.

We're also happy to be continuing our collaboration with photographer Israel Denadai on the cover images for these tracks.

Darkroom on SoundCloud

SoundCloud seems to be the big thing getting all the hype right now, so we've jumped on the bandwagon.

First impressions are good - it's a nice bit of web design, good looking and easy to use. It remains to be seen whether it's actually of any use.

And here's a special treat (since the page for SOTNMS is still bugged - grrr) - a whole track from the new album, via the SoundCloud embeddable music player. Enjoy!

os, Oct 2008