The start of a new project

On Feb 8th Mike and I got together for a session, which promises to be the start of the next album. Currently the direction is back to the more ambient end of our output, possibly pursuing the drone-type sound we briefly explored in the podcast (e.g. in the track drone_of_4_4_7).

Nothing gets the juices going like trying new gear combinations, and this time we tried a few new things. I had a new in-development plug-in to try out (more on that later) which worked gratifyingly well. We also tried out re-amping for the first time, which seems to be very much in vogue at the moment in all the music making mags. We re-amped my Prophet '08, and also re-amped Mike's guitar (so we could get the sound of plug-ins on the laptop feeding a guitar amp). All sounded good and I'm sure we'll be doing it again.

You can see the amp rig in the photo - my trusty Rode NT-2A mic, Mike's extremely heavy Rivera combo being used as the cab, and the rather wonderful (and wonderfully inexpensive) Harley Benton GA5H all-tube head.

Os, Feb 2009