NLP's Top 24 Songs of 2008 / Doctor of Prog Rock

We were chuffed to see that our song Chalk Is Organised Dust (from the latest album, Some Of These Numbers Mean Something), made it into nowlikephotographs' Top 24 Songs of 2008. Thanks guys!

For the next short while you can listen to the whole two hour show in which they played these 24 songs. Listen here. It's "Episode CCXII - 2008.01.14" and our bit starts just over an hour in.

Also - a shout out to "Doctor of Prog Rock" who mentioned us on his blog in his post "Some Other New Stuff I Liked In 2008". Not often you see a list that goes " ... Sigur Ros, TV On The Radio, Darkroom, The Verve, Coldplay ... ".

Os, Jan 2009