Innerviews Interview

Before our headline set at the Y2K15 loop festival in Santa Cruz back in October 2015, we met up with music journalist Anil Prasad to record the first audio interview for Innerviews, the Web’s first and longest-running music magazine. We talk about Darkroom past, present and future: listen here.

Interview in Tokafi: The Notes behind the Numbers

Mike & I did an email interview for the Tokafi webzine.

If there's one thing you can rely upon with this band, then it's their commitment to surprise: Even in 3003, S Club 8 couldn't sound like this.

Read the full interview here.

Darkroom interviewed on WeHeartMusic Radio

Mike and I were interviewed on Sunday for the WeHeartMusic Radio podcast. A big thanks to Vu for making it happen.

You can listen to it here. If you download the whole show, or use the embedded player on the page, our bit starts at about 18:15 in. Or you can download just our section (lower down on the page).

Possibly my favourite quote from the interview: "songs... with lyrics and everything".

Sometimes I forget just how far outside the conventional boundaries of pop we operate.

os, Nov 2008