We recently uploaded all the Darkroom material, well, pretty much ever, to You can find it here:

For those not familiar with

" connects you with your favorite music, and uses your unique taste to find new music, people, and concerts you'll like."

It's a web 2.0 social networking kind of thing, and relies to some extent on people tagging the music they listen to, but also just tracks what music you play and works out what else you might like.

Unfortunately it's utterly brain-dead when it comes to handling multiple bands with the same name. Basically, it can't. Of course, there's more than one Darkroom in the world and so we share the page. Which is why you'll find 'Darkroom' prominently tagged as 'indie' on the site. We may be many things, but I'd suggest that 'indie' is not one of them. So, Darkroom fans - or should I say, fans of The One and True Darkroom (us) - get tagging.

os, April 2008

PS I just noticed Darkroom (presumably the other Darkroom) has been tagged as 'nice'. I ask you, who tags music as 'nice'? (If it's you, dear reader, let us know)