New album progress

Some news on the new Darkroom album - it's nearly done! The track listing is finalised (there are 9 tracks - two sides of 4 tracks each, with an 'intermission'), and the tracks are all named. On Thursday it's being professionally mastered - a first for a Darkroom album - and then we need to see about some cover art and getting the thing made. From which you'll gather that we're not throwing in the towel on physical delivery of music just yet. (I still buy CDs myself, so I feel other people must do too.) This time however we'll be doing our best to get a vaguely simultaneous release on iTunes etc.

What's the music like, I hear you ask. Well, it's something of a departure if you know us from recent stuff, like the podcast, or the Fallout series, but recognisably the work of the same people. Only one track on the album would class as 'ambient', which is the first word I've chosen to describe what we do for years. In a way it's back to the song-type music we explored on Seethrough, though obviously without a vocalist this time. The inclusion of a live drummer on several tracks lends it some post-rock accessibility, but I don't think anyone's going to confuse us with Tortoise. The brief for the album was "guitar under the microscope". It's not the album I thought we were going to make, but it took on a life and direction of its own, and I'm very pleased with where it ended up.

We took some new photos too, with a view to using them on the sleeve, or in related publicity material. I quite like this one - we look adequately enigmatic, without looking suicidal or homicidal.

os, July 2008