New release - Paradise Yard

New release on 10" vinyl - Paradise Yard is available to order until August 19th 2018 from Champion Version, after which individual copies will be cut. Two sides of atmospheric ambient minimalism, featuring Jordan Muscatello on bass & the voice of Hazal Elif Yalvaç.

new river EP

New release, out June 28th 2017:

New tracks on Soundcloud

Some Soundcloud tracks that have been posted recently.

First, an extract of our performance at The Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, London, as part of "Rest & its discontents", curated by Hubbub:

Secondly, the end of our performance for patients and staff of the Critical Care Unit at University College London Hospital, May 2016:

The Axe Forgets But The Tree Remembers

New release, out July 24th 2016:

We See The Same Stars Differently

Our new release, out March 31st 2016:
we see the same stars differently

We See The Same Stars Differently is based on recordings from Darkroom’s headline performance at the Y2K15 International Live Looping Festival in Santa Cruz, California.

The evolving live Darkroom sound presented here combines spacious instrumental and found sound ambiences with searing guitar textures and post-industrial noise, all created and captured on location in 2015, with final post-production in 2016.

The missing link between The Banshees and Zeit-era Tangerine Dream.